The Marine Resources Council's Right Whale Monitoring Program was established in 1995 to reduce human impacts to the endangered North Atlantic right whale. Citizens on the east coast of Florida report land‑based sightings of right whales to our hotline (1‑888‑97‑WHALE). This information is passed on to local ship traffic to avoid ship strikes, which account for over one‑third of documented right whale deaths in the North Atlantic Ocean.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Right Whale Shirts!!! Pre-Order Now!

MRC is taking pre-orders for new shirts for the Right Whale Festival in Jacksonville Beach on November, 17th.  If you'd like to order one and make sure you get the size you want, please let us know!  Most shirts will be the blue you see here available in youth and adult sizes, short sleeve and long sleeve (adult only).  We will likely get some v-neck, lime green shirts for the ladies as well.  The text below the whale calf reads "North Atlantic right whale (Eubalaena glacialis)."  Youth and adult short-sleeve tees are yours with a $15 donation to the MRC whale program.  Long-sleeve shirts are our gift to you for a $20 donation.  Just email MRC at with your request and donations can be made in person or mailed to the Marine Resources Council, 3275 Dixie Hwy. NE, Palm Bay, FL,  32905.  You may also donate via PayPal on our website at  Scroll down to the bottom right of the home page where it says "Donate Now Through PayPal."   Please include your T-shirt size, color, and sleeve-length preference in the message box labeled "add special instruction to seller" before you send your donation.   If you are unable to pick up your shirt at our office or at the Right Whale Festival, please add $5 shipping per shirt to your donation. Questions?  Email us at or call our hotline at 1-888-979-4253.


Volunteers Needed to Follow Stella!

Hi all!

MRC is helping with the migration of Stella, a right whale painting by Wyland and students from south Florida, to educate elementary school children on right whales, healthy habits, art, and more!  Her journey starts in Key Largo, FL on Oct. 15th and will end on Nov. 17th in Jacksonville Beach at the Right Whale Festival!  Volunteer presenters are needed to travel with Stella and help with teaching children all about right whales.  If you can help and you're willing to travel, please email us at or call the hotline at 1-888-979-4253.  For more information on Stella, the associated art contest, a map of her journey, and more, visit 

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Annual Right Whale Naming Contest

The North Atlantic Right Whale Consortium is seeking submissions of right whale names for 15 whales again this year.  MRC plans to participate in this process and welcomes suggestions made by its volunteers.    The nominating period will start on October 15th and will run through the morning of October 29th.  Rules on naming include choosing something that's particular to the markings on the whale that will help make it identifiable in the field to researchers.  Many names have been based on scars, callosity patterns, etc.  Use other languages, mythology, astronomy, or other sciences to come up with ideas.  For example, Aprhodite is named for a heart-shaped marking on top of her head.  Boomerang has a boomerang-shaped mark on the underside of his tail.  Get creative!  Do NOT name whales after people or places.  Please submit ideas to MRC at and we will incorporate them into our submissions to the Consortium for you.  Thanks for your participation!

The following right whales are looking for names.  To see their distinctive markings, go to the right whale catalog at and search by individual:

Right whale #s 1423, 1616, 1708, 2470, 3294, 3340, 3390, 3512, 3660, 3791, 3802, 3808, 3845, 4040, 4060.  As we get more updated official rules, we'll post them.