The Marine Resources Council's Right Whale Monitoring Program was established in 1995 to reduce human impacts to the endangered North Atlantic right whale. Citizens on the east coast of Florida report land‑based sightings of right whales to our hotline (1‑888‑97‑WHALE). This information is passed on to local ship traffic to avoid ship strikes, which account for over one‑third of documented right whale deaths in the North Atlantic Ocean.

Friday, January 30, 2015

Much Thanks to Space Coast River Tours and Port Canaveral

We'd like to thank Space Coast River Tours (SCRT) and Port Canaveral for helping to organize our boat trip on January 17th around Canaveral harbor.  Twenty-seven people were aboard with Julie Albert to learn about right whales in Florida waters.  For the last three years or so, we've done one or two boat trips per season and they're received quite well.   This year, the weather was beautiful, SCRT found several dolphins for us, and a turtle greeted us before we even left.  If you missed that boat trip, you can catch them again to see our local wildlife!  Call Space Coast River Tours at 321-652-1052 to book a boat trip, especially one of their special excursions.  For Valentine's Day, they're doing a Chocolates and Champagne tour and they also have Rocket Launch tours.  Their tours are Monday – Friday 1pm, Saturday there's a Port Canaveral Lunch tour at 1pm, and Sundays they launch at 3:30pm to see the cruise ships leave.  For more information on pricing, directions, and more, please visit .  Thank you Capt. Mark and Carol Noble!